10 things to do in Canterbury

As the first Steam Dreams destination 20 years ago, Canterbury holds a special place in all our hearts. The city is lined with old buildings that date back to the Tudor times, the highlight of which is the beautiful Cathedral. There is plenty to see and do here and we have compiled our 10 favourites below.

So if you want a relaxing, short steam ride from London, Canterbury is the obvious choice. Find out when you can next travel there by steam on our website.

  1. The Cathedral – In the Middle Ages it was Northern Europe’s most venerated pilgrimage site for the tomb of Thomas Becket, the Archbishop who was murdered by followers of King Henry II near a doorway to the cloister in 1170. The cathedral was founded in 597 and then rebuilt in the 11th century. This Norman construction was badly damaged in a fire in 1174 and restored in various Gothic styles.
  2. The Canterbury Tales tour – An interactive tour through Chaucer’s tales, meeting costumed characters and pilgrims along the way. Find out more here.
  3. Canterbury Roman Museum – This museum preserves the remains of one of the UK’s only remaining in situ Roman pavement mosaics, a Scheduled Ancient Monument. The museum has been built around the remains, allowing visitors to explore what life was like in Roman Britain. The collections within the museum include pottery, glassware, jewellery and silverware. Find out more here.
  4. St Augustine’s Abbey – One of most important monasteries in medieval England, the Abbey helped bring Christianity to England. It was reduced to ruins during Henry VIII’s Suppression of the Monasteries but thanks to a Museum and free audio tour, visitors can experience the abbey as it was in the 1500s with VR headsets. Find out more here.
  5. Punting – The premier way to see Canterbury, from the comfort of a classic hand built punt on the historic River Stour. You can join a shared or private tour, or themed tours such a ghost tours. Find out more here.
  6. The Beaney House of Art & Knowledge – Art Gallery, Library and Visitor Information Centre situated in the heart of historic Canterbury. Find out more here.
  7. Westgate and Westgate Gardens (pictured above) – the last of seven medieval gates defending Canterbury and the largest surviving city gate in England. Find out more here.
  8. St Martin’s Church – The oldest church in the English-speaking world. Find out more here.
  9. Christchurch Gate – This gate is the principal entrance to the cathedral, and forms the dramatic highlight of the Buttermarket over which it stands. Find out more here.
  10. The King’s Mile – a collection of streets including independent shops and traditional traders. Find out more here.

Our next trip by steam to Canterbury is on Thursday 19 September 2019. Book your ticket on our website or call the Booking Office on 01483 209888 for more details.

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