Introducing Our New Brand Identity


After almost 18 years of operating unforgettable days out and holidays by steam around the UK and Ireland, we here at Steam Dreams are excited to introduce our new brand identity, including a fresh logo and an upgraded website (coming soon!).


The new identity is all about expressing the professionalism, passion and personality of The Steam Dreams Rail Co. – and everyone who works here – it’s more representative of the established company we are today.




The Chairman of Steam Dreams, Marcus Robertson, said: “Our logo just didn’t feel like us anymore – not all that surprising considering it was created over 15 years ago.  Our passengers also commented that they found the brand confusing – were we Steam Dreams or The Cathedrals Express? To make this clearer we wanted to use one strong brand name which explains who we are – “The Steam Dreams Rail Co.”


Old logos and new logos side by side

He added: “We will continue to offer new itineraries and improve our service wherever possible, whilst keeping the essential friendly and personal touches that make Steam Dreams so special”.

We are also working on upgrading our website and booking system, which should be up and running early next year. We very much hope this will make booking a trip with us more straightforward for those who prefer to book online.

Let us know how you like our new visual identity!

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5 thoughts on “Introducing Our New Brand Identity

  1. Having been involved with Steam Dreams over many years I think the change was inevitable as the itineraries have ceased to be solely to Cathedral Cities. However to me Steam Dreams is the company and Cathedrals Express the name of the train and I hope that will be retained for trips to Cathedral Cities and other names used for other do the other tour companies. This will also reflect the tradition of the old railway companies such as LMS and BR using Ulster Express, The Red Rose, The Royal Scot, The Mancunian etc
    Interesting that the displayed logo shows Est 1999 whereas the picture to the left, not sure whether it is someone’s shirt or a bag shows EST 2000!

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