As Flying Scotsman begins tour of the UK, fans are urged to view her from a safe distance


Main Image: Liam Barnes

Tomorrow, Tuesday 23 May, The Cathedrals Express continues its tour of the UK with a visit to Bristol Temple Meads station headed by the world’s most famous engine, Flying Scotsman. We will be taking almost 500 passengers on a trip to along the Severn Estuary via Newport and Gloucester and then going to west Somerset in the afternoon.

Following last week’s Flying Scotsman trips in Gloucestershire, when a very serious incident of railway trespass took place, Marcus Robertson, Chairman of Steam Dreams, wants to urge fans wishing to view it do so from a safe vantage point. He commented “It is vital that spectators do not venture onto the railway, particularly when it is on the mainline, as a full timetable of regular services will be running.”

“In order to avoid overcrowding and incidents of trespass we are not publishing recommended viewing points or the timetable of when the train will be passing through specific locations.”

“We are working very closely with Network Rail and the British Transport Police and it is likely the BTP will be increasing their presence along the routes for our next few trips.  When similar incidents happened last year, Police Officers were deployed not just on the line side but on our train taking photographs of line side trespassers and also filming from a helicopter.”

“A number of arrests were made and those taken to court are liable to a potential prison sentence, a £1000 fine and a criminal record. Of course, we want people to enjoy the sight of this magnificent icon of British Engineering which is why it is on tour around the West Country but it must be done with regard to their safety and the law.”

Click here to view a statement from the British Transport Police regarding the incidents on Friday 19 May. 

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