All Change Please: Princess Elizabeth Replaced on Steam Dreams Christmas Trips

Last weekend, we were told that unfortunately Princess Elizabeth has had to be withdrawn from its Steam Dreams Christmas trips with boiler problems.

Our team has been working hard to replace the engine and, thanks to other loco owners, the Christmas roster looks very different but just as exciting!

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Thursday 1 December – London Kings Cross to Lincoln Christmas Market will now be hauled by Duchess of Sutherland

Saturday 3 December – Southend to Salisbury & Winchester – double-headed Black 5s will head the trip from West London to Salisbury and back to West London. A vintage diesel locomotive will head the train between Southend and West London in both directions.

Tuesday 6 December – Horsham to Cambridge & Ely – Duchess of Sutherland will head the train from West London to Ely on the outward journey

Saturday 10 December – London to Bath and Bristol – now to be hauled by 34046 Braunton (operating as Lord Dowding)

Wednesday 14 December – Ashford to Winchester – double-headed Black 5s Ashford to Winchester and back to West London

Saturday 17 December – London to West Somerset for Carols at Dunster and Christmas Market at Minehead station – Braunton with Raveningham Hall on West Somerset Railway

Thursday 22 December – White Cliffs Luncheon – Braunton as rostered

We thank all these locomotive owners for stepping into the breach and also wish Princess Elizabeth Support Crew well as they aim for a midsummer return.

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