Are steam trains environmentally friendly? Find out

The Steam Dreams Rail Co. was the first rail charter to offset our carbon emmissions and we are proud of our commitment to ensure our trains do not damage the environment.

Every time we run a steam trip (around 60 times a year), we invest in carbon reduction projects, which not only offset the carbon emissions that steam engines produce but provide a solution to climate change.

So for example, in 2021 we made a donation to wind power energy plants to generate and supply clean, renewable electricity. We also planted 100 trees in the UK, thanks to your donations! The trees are typically planted across school grounds, parks, farms, woodlands and other biodiversity sites, providing wildlife habitats and often bringing additional educational and community benefits.

This year (2022) we are undertaking a long term project to improve the recycling facilities both on and off the train and to power our static production kitchen with sustainable energy, as well as our usual donations to renewable energy and tree planting projects.

In order to keep all our trips carbon neutral, we ask all our passengers to contribute a small voluntary supplement towards this cause to aid our investment to the future.

For more information about our future trips, please go to

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