Keeping the Steam Dream Green

The Steam Dreams Rail Co. was the first rail charter to be carbon neutral and we are proud of our commitment to ensure our trains do not damage the environment.

Every time we run a steam charter (around 60 times a year) we donate some money to a company called Carbon Clear, which invests in carbon reduction projects, to offset the carbon emissions that steam engines produce.

So for example, if our trips produced 100 tonnes of carbon emissions through the use of coal, you can offset this by purchasing 100 tonnes of carbon credits to reduce our carbon impact to zero (to become carbon neutral):

Carbon Clear’s carbon reduction projects usually take place in developing countries, in the areas of renewable energy, energy efficiency and forestry. Each of their projects removes a measurable amount of greenhouse gasses, or prevents the emissions in the first place, to reduce the total concentration of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere that contribute to climate change. Projects are carefully monitored and verified so that each tonne of greenhouse gas reduction can be certified as a carbon offset credit, giving total peace of mind that offsetting is transparent and effective.

In order to keep all our trips carbon neutral, we ask all our passengers to contribute a small voluntary supplement towards this cause to aid our investment to the future.

To find out more, go to

For more information about our future trips, please go to

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